5 Time Management Tips for When You Are Too Busy to Run

No runner wants a dip in progress and fitness, but this is bound to happen if you become too busy to run. An effective way to avoid this is good time management

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In fast-paced Singapore, sacrificing part of our personal lives may seem pretty commonplace. However, the kiasu culture here should also highlight the importance of time management. Besides being critical for successful careers, it is also recommended by the Olympic Movement for athletes. If you simply can’t find any time to run, these 5 time management tips may be helpful for you.

Two Birds, One Stone

While being “in the present” has been heralded as ideal, it might be more productive to fit other goals into your training plan. I mean, life is about flexibility and adaptation too, right? For instance, if you are torn between training for a marathon and hanging out with a friend you haven’t met since the iPhone first launched, consider arranging a buddy run session instead! You could also do a one-way run to the supermarket or jog while you brainstorm on your projects. After all, the things that can be simultaneously accomplished while you clock your miles are limited only by your imagination. And perhaps some practicality.

Plan Ahead

A busy day can be summed up by outstanding tasks, ongoing projects, and rapidly approaching deadlines. Such fun! When your daily jog seems to be competing for time with other commitments, it would help to plan your day ahead. This means penciling in specific timings for certain jobs and ensuring that you accomplish them on time and on schedule. Sure, having a timetable for yourself may not be the coolest thing, but see it as a way to ensure that you don’t spend too much time on any one task. With the right priorities and time allocation, nothing should stand between you and your workout.

Make Sacrifices

Time is a limited resource and every single one of us has wished for 48-hour days at some point. Well, one way to tackle this challenge is to make sacrifices. By choosing wisely which activities we want to cut down on or even skip altogether, we can allocate more time for running. After all, not all tasks hold equal urgency or importance. Even the smallest ways like quitting personal habits that waste time can help in the long run. Perhaps it’s time to cut down on that Netflix or YouTube cat video binge.

"If you can’t find time, make time."

Ask and You Shall Receive Help

“I need help” seem to be the hardest words. Naturally, we fear being perceived as incompetent - but no man is an island. Consider asking for help if training for marathons cannot be forgone. For example, you could ask a colleague to spare a hand on a project during the days leading up to a race and offer to return the gesture once the race is over. A little give-and-take never hurts anyone.

Be Realistic

Last but not least, set pragmatic expectations for yourself. This doesn’t mean you should be content with the status quo! One of the joys of being an athlete is aspiring to improve our Personal Bests (PBs) and working relentlessly to make that happen. What you should bear in mind is to avoid being overly ambitious. Unrealistic goals can be detrimental when they recurrently give you a sense of failure and disappointment. Sports are also about relishing the training journey, so keep a mental note not to let goals or benchmarks diminish your interest in running!


Life shouldn’t get in the way of your passions, and there are ways to prevent this. If you can’t find time, make time.  


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