5 Must-Have Items for Trail Running

To many runners in Singapore, trail running may not seem like the most intuitive thing to do. Yes, it is a refreshing change from your usual boring regime around the running track. Yes, it is a satisfying challenge to overcome uneven terrains.

But what gear or accessories must I prepare for trail running? Fear not. Before you dismiss the thought of trail running (again!), lets take a look at 5 essential items that will prime you for a victorious finish at the trails. 


A Great Pair of Socks!

And by great, we just mean a suitable pair of socks designed for trail running. It's not enough to toss on a pair of regular socks before you hit the trails. And especially, not a pair of cotton socks. 

You might find them comfortable, but socks that are made from unsuitable fabrics such as cotton are poor at wicking sweat away from your feet. The result? Painful blisters. You wouldnt want to wince every time you set your foot down, would you? 

That is why socks made for trail running are composed of synthetic materials that keep your feet cool and dry. Before you rush to purchase though, just remember to keep your foot type in mind so that the socks you buy are a good fit.

A smart trail runner should be prepared for some of the worst scenarios. 

A Handy-dandy Medical Kit

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Wait a sec, why am I hitting you with Murphys Law, you ask? Because a smart trail runner should be prepared for some of the worst scenarios. 

And by worst, I mean being surrounded by nothing but nature and bleeding away from a sustained injury. No people, no help. Now, thats got to suck, right?  

So get ready a medical kit with basic first-aid supplies such as bandages and antibiotic ointment. You will start the run feeling more secure and prepared.



Headlamp on an Elastic Band

You must be thinking: you gotta be kidding me, is there even a need to wear a flashlight on my head?  Well, my friends, I kid you not. For runners who prefer to run in the early morning or in the dark hours of night, having a source of light is absolutely necessary.

Imagine twisting an ankle as you trip on uneven terrain. Or just do it for the peace of mind as you run. With the darkness accentuated by the surrounding tall trees, you wouldnt want to jog with any sense of self-doubt or hesitation. 

As you can imagine, it can probably ruin that smooth experience you wish to garner from your trail run. Here are some useful guidelines you can follow to choose the right headlamp for yourself.


GPS watch

Hooray to technology. No more fumbling for maps, guides or the need to search for signboards. Whether it is navigating the route for your trail run, or finding a suitable exit point after your run, the directions you need are easily accessible on your wrist. 

That also means greater convenience for you; one less navigation item to carry in your running pack. Also, you dont have to constantly rely on your smartphone for directions a hassle since it's hand carried, and you probably have to fish out from your pack anyway. 


Hydration Pack

Of course, how can we forget about water? In trails where nature is your constant companion, it can get pretty hard to find convenience stores and water fountains. 

You don't want to be searching frantically for water when you are already madly thirsty. A light-weight hydration pack is a great way to store bottles of water as well as absolutely necessary items such as your keys and wallet. 

Just make sure it contains the pockets you need and is a proper fit to your body frame. 





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