5 Hydration Systems to Ensure You Drink Enough During Runs

Looking for a way to stay hydrated without lugging around a two-litre water tank? Here are some hydration systems with fashionable designs you should check out!

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We all know hydration is an important part of running. Heck, it’s important even for non-runners. But one thing’s for sure - when you run a race you need to be able to focus on running it well, and not be distracted by the water bottle you’re trying to hold on to. Fortunately, with modern research and development, there are numerous kinds of bottles out there with various designs to suit your needs.

Amphipod® Hydraform™ Handheld In-Touch Thermal

This bottle with an insulating cover around it not only provides you with a good way to hold on to your water by simply slipping it on. The pouch also has compartments for you to put things like your iPod, phone, gel packs and other essentials.


FuelBelts let you carry a few small bottles of water around your waist. This provides easy access to your water, as you can easily grab them from your waist when you’re thirsty. While it does not make for a particularly glamorous look, it gets the job done.

Salomon Soft Flask

Soft flasks are on the rise, and the Salomon Soft Flask is one of the few at the top of the market. Although soft flasks do not come with hand straps, they’re still pretty easy to hold on to because of their soft design, making them moldable to the shape of your hand. Also, these flasks compress as you drink, reducing volume and sloshing. A plus is that it can be tucked into the back of your shorts and doesn’t jostle around much.

CamelBak Marathoner™ Vest

For those of you going for marathons, this vest can carry up to 2 litres of water. It can be worn as a backpack, and also has pockets for you to stash energy bars and your phone. The tube and bite valve on it also provides for easy access to your water. Also, it has elastic straps to provide more stability and support as you run.

RoadRunner Sports Full Throttle Bottle Pack

Something a little smaller for those who are not running such long races and don’t need to carry around as much. Slung comfortably around your back, the pack doesn’t flop around, making it ideal for carrying your water in.    

“When you run a race you need to be able to focus on running it well."


Another great thing about bringing your own sports drink, fuel or water is that you can bring along what works best for you. Never again will you have to risk an upset stomach because what is provided at the races is not what you’re used to. Some of the items mentioned above also have pouches for you to bring along other things such as sports gel, valuables, phone and iPod. Indeed, such items double up as handy ‘bags’ for you to hold on to your valuables and the things you need/will use during the race.


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