5 Best Tracking Devices for Your Runs

As runners, we can be hungry for indicators of progress - signs that we are improving. The best fitness trackers show us just that. And more. 

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Here are five tracking devices to suit all levels of stat-obsessiveness, from precise GPS to even oxygen intake!


One of the hottest running devices around since its inception in 2008, Fitbit watches are incredibly comfortable to wear, able to track your heart rate and even monitor your sleep patterns as well!

Most Fitbit watches are splash-proof, making them ideal rainy-day run companions, too. Higher-end watches come with GPS and smartphone notifications awesomely handy features for serious running aficionados. Find more information on Fitbit's official site here.

Mi Band

Xiaomi has always been well-known for replicating mainstream gadgets for a fraction of their original prices, and the Mi Band is no exception. For about S$20, you get a water and dust-resistant fitness band that tracks your distance, calories burnt and sleep patterns.

Of course, with S$20, you will not get GPS or other more premium features. Also, do note that it is a band, not a watch. If you're a person, who can make do with very little, check out the minimalistic Mi Band here.

Dreamt of having a personal running coach? This watch could just be the closest thing to making your wish come alive.

Apple Watch

While many see the Apple Watch as a high-end extension to their existing iPhones, few note its prowess as a fitness tracker. It automatically detects your workout as you start running and immediately begins calculating your calorie count. However, to get distance and pacing parameters, you will need to open its workout app.

With its high cost (S$550), one can expect a durable watch that can withstand reasonable abuse. To find out what else you can expect out of the Apple Watch, click here.

Polar M400

Dreamt of having a personal running coach? This watch could just be the closest thing to making your wish come alive. It is chocked full of features and offers a massive repository of body data to better tune your runs or workouts in general.

Just to offer a teaser on the kind of information it has, the Polar M400 is capable of estimating your maximum oxygen intake (VO2), a vital stat for serious runners. It also has an internal GPS.

While the battery life is short when all sensors are on, the watch is relatively affordable for all its features (starting at S$388 depending on the strap). View it here.

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band has an arsenal of features, some of which you don't even know existed in a fitness band. It has whopping eleven sensors, including GPS, UV monitor (bet you didn't know about this), and a barometer.

It also has the standard fitness band functions like calories, distance, pacing and much more. To top it off, Microsoft even incorporated the standard social media functions that an Apple Watch has as well.  What more can you ask?

Designed to work smoothly across the platform that your existing phone runs on, the nifty band stands its ground well against renowned products such as the Apple Watch. Check out the band here.


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