5 Best Strategies to Run That 'Final Stretch'

The final stretch is often the sweetest, yet the most difficult part of the race. Its easy to call it quits and start walking, but would that be worth the months of effort and preparation to give up at your most crucial moment?  

A runner often faces chasms at two distinct points of the marathon; the midpoint (wait, there's still halfway to go?!) and right before the end (I can walk now, it's just another kilometre anyway.) Does this happen to you in most marathons?

Don't worry. In this article, let's look at 5 strategies we can use to battle our temptations and conquer that run!

Counting Your Steps

1,2,3,4,5,6. Counting your steps serves as a good way to stay present. It helps you to focus on your steps and distract yourself from negative thoughts of wanting to give up. This serves as an effective short-circuit for your brain!

Play That Inspirational Song

Live to Win by Paul Stanley comes to mind here, as well as the ever-popular Eye of the Tiger. This is supported by research, which has shown that it is beneficial to let your body and brain move to the music. Whats your favourite song to crank up on your music player when the going gets tough?

Keep a Constant Pace

Knowing how to pace yourself while running is paramount to finishing the race. Keeping an even pace throughout this last stretch allows your body to sink into balance. It prevents any mental and physical upset from inconsistent slowing down and speeding up of your running pace. Now that can be demoralising!

Bring Out Your Running Mantras

Remember that at this point in the marathon, it is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one. Your positive thoughts need to outmatch the negative ones in order for you to emerge victorious. What do you always say to yourself that keeps you going not just in marathons, but also in life? If you need some inspiration and running motivation, do check out these awesome running mantras that you can use for the last stretch of your race!

Hydrate Early and Often

Prevention is better than cure. It helps to be prepared and ready in your best condition at the last stretch. Optimal hydration is key for that. You should consume 500ml of sports drink an hour before you start the marathon. During the run, drink 100-200ml of sports drink every 20 minutes. Sports drinks work better than water because they contain electrolytes, boosting your water-absorption rate and replacing the electrolytes you lose from sweat. Get a flavour that tastes good as well, so that you can make it easy to consume as much as you need.

A runner often faces chasms at two distinct points of the marathon; the midpoint (Wait, theres still halfway to go?!) and right before the end (I can walk now, its just another kilometre anyway.)


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