5 Awesome Mobile Apps to Aid Runners

As the world progresses further into the 21st century, great technological feats spring up all around us, bringing forth tools to better aid us in every aspect of our lives.

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Fitness is no exception. Since the introduction of smartphones, innovative running apps have been made available to help runners take their game to the next level. Without further ado, here are 5 of the best apps you can consider for your next running workout!

Nike+ Running

This is a user-friendly app that comes with several nifty features. It allows you to add friends like a typical social media platform and pits you against them to determine who runs the longest each week and month. After a particularly challenging run, you can even share your accomplishments on other social media websites that you are connected to, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can even request for cheers from your friends if you are ever in need of encouragement!

Strava Running and Cycling

Much like Nike + Running, Strava also prides itself in its competitive features. With this app, you can join groups of fellow runners or cyclists and compete with each other for a whole slew of achievements, such as the fastest time on a particular stretch of road. Work hard on them, and stand a chance to win bragging rights over your peers! You are also able to upload photos of your adventures, as well as flaunt your preferred battle gear.

"Ready up your smartphone, and let technology aid you on your quest to become the best runner you can ever be."

Zombies, Run!

As the title suggests, this app is truly unique in the sense that it turns your running experience into an entertaining and engaging zombie survival scenario. For instance, you could be tasked to run a certain distance to gather supplies to build up your base. It gives you a sense of purpose and therefore motivates you to complete your goal. This makes for a good distraction for people who do not particularly enjoy running. Not to mention, haven't we all at some point in our lives, harboured the notion of an actual zombie apocalypse?


This is the app for you when you've run out of routes to try. With MapMyRun, runners can select user-uploaded routes from its massive database to try out. Apart from that, you are also able to keep track of your daily diet which will help paint a better picture of your overall health. And like many other running apps, you are also able to connect with friends to start little friendly competitions.

Rock My Run

To some runners, music plays an integral part in their performance. With Rock My Run, users are able to obtain playlists with music specially crafted for runners to get their motivation and adrenaline levels up. Free users get a 45-minute playlist, while premium users get a 4-hour playlist. It is a good way to shut yourself out from your surroundings and to get in your zone.


With an abundance of running apps to choose from, finding one that best suits your needs can be a little tough. But take heart these awesome apps will make your workouts more fun and give you the push that you need to keep moving forward. So what are you waiting for? Ready up your smartphone, and let technology aid you on your quest to become the best runner you can ever be.


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