3 reasons to LIV3LY UP your fitness journey!

Organized by LIV3LY, the LIV3LY UP series of virtual runs is organized to meet a pressing need in the community - promoting sports and healthy lifestyle amongst individuals & sports interest groups amidst a time crunched schedule. LIV3LY UP today and create a breakthrough in your journey to health and fitness, at your own place and time - without the physical, mental & emotional stress of physical races/events! Read on to find out why you should join!

Virtual runs are the hype nowadays - being able to run at your own convenience is what drives people to join them. Here at LIV3LY, we strive to serve you a different kind of virtual run that stands out from the rest! Below are 3 reasons why you should LIV3LY UP today!

Train for upcoming races

Have races coming up, but haven't found the time and motvation to get out there and train for it? Push (or force) yourself to get in the mileage necessary to prepare for races that you have signed up for! If paying for the LIV3LY UP virtual run series isn't a good enough reasons (because it's so cheap, you don't feel a pinch your wallet), then be extrinsically motivated with unique entitlements to reward yourself for training and putting in the hard work!

Signed up for races in The Performance Series and haven't gotten any training done for the race (which is 2 weeks away from our first virtual run!) yet?! Tried completing the race distance yourself but gave up halfway? LIV3LY UP your last-minute training and run for a reason so that you won't jialat during the race!

Kill two birds (races) with one stone!

Following the previous point, motivate yourself to train by giving back to the community through another event - RunningHour! As the latter is held on the same day and date our very first virtual run in the series is launched (13 May 2017) - get the entitlements of two races while running just once! Click the link here to find out more about RunningHour!

If you didn;'t bother to train for The Performance Series or any other races and participate only for the rewards after, then LIV3LY UP your rewards by signing up our virtual run series now! By completing 3 runs in the series, you get a basic entitlement, and if you are garang enough to do all 5, you get a unique entitlement that we promise would be different from other virtual run organizers!

Tick off your marathon bucket list!

The LIV3LY UP Virtual Run requires participants to complete selected distances in ONE sitting - meaning you can't split a selected distance category into two parts! (E.G, running the 21KM distance on two different days, 10KM Day 1, 11KM Day 2) The catch? You can take as long as you want to. 5 hours to complete 21KM? No problem. 12 hours for a marathon? Sure!

It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop - Confucius

Dreamt of completing a marathon but can't seem to meet the demanding cut-off times set at races like the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore? Sign yourself up for all 5 runs in the LIV3LY UP series, and for the 5th and final race, choose the exclusive marathon distance to challenge! (Psss, there would be a SPECIAL entitlement for participants crazy enough to do this!)

Dread running alone without hydration and medical support? The mental and physical challenge of doing long distances alone is great, and you can counteract that by joining another upcoming physical race - the Bedok Reservoir Ultra Marathon! This event gives participant a lax cut-off timing of 12 hours to complete as many loops of 4.3KM as they can, and a minimum of 12 loops (51.3KM) within the timing to obtain the finisher entitlements! 

Get your friends and family together, take on the challenge and go the distance! We believe 12 hours is sufficient even if you were to walk the whole distance. BONUS: If you think you are nuts and tough enough, be a certified Bedok Reservoir Ultra Marathon Burner by completing the minimum distance required - and you will be certified a marathoner, and beat that record hours later and become an ultramarathoner! 


The LIV3LY UP virtual run series can serve different purposes - be it intrinsic/extrinsic motivation for you to train, or even to run with your friends and challenge them!

We give you the convenience and flexibility to run anywhere and anytime, allowing you to also obtain entitlements similar to physical events so that you are motivated to exercise and work hard on your journey to self-discovery and fitness!

Run alone, run in a group or run two events at once? Your choice, your run, your LIV3LY UP.

LIV3LY Editor
LIV3LY Editor

Are you an experienced runner, or just love to write on topics related to running? Contact us. We love to hear how you can contribute!

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