15 Things That Come to Mind When You Tell People You’re a Runner

You may have more mileage in your running GPS than in your car, and you may have been in so many running races, you’ve lost count. No matter how much or how fast you run, here’s something you can’t run from the different things that cross others’ mind when they know you’re a runner.

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“Oh, you’re a runner. Then you must be…” Fill in the blanks; we’ve probably heard them from our friends or our experience when we tell people we’re a runner. From funny to bizarre to painfully true (though we wouldn’t admit it) or downright mean, here’s what people think about runners.

You’re Super Fit

Your NAPFA records were all stellar, you were a distinguished ODAC member, heck you’re so physically blessed that you were born running out of your mother’s womb. Well, truth be told, not all runners are fitness demigods. We might look like it since we can talk about running 10 km without blinking like we have a second pair of legs wrapped nicely in our home. But, that doesn’t mean that we’re not huffing and puffing our way through the run. Runners aren’t always the fittest bunch, but we’re determined for sure.

You’re THE Person to Shop Shoes With

Because you have the store member discount card and the buddy discount (since you know the owner and his son and his wife by name). Also, you can describe the specifics of running shoes in great details which would be rivalled only by the way Masterchef’s contestants describing their dishes to the judges.

You’re a Morning Person

Here’s a typical conversation:

Non-runner: "So what time do you usually wake up on weekends?"

Runner: "10-ish."

Non-runner: "Huh, but you’re a runner, right?"

Yea, and we’re also humans who need 8 hours of sleep, hate Mondays and don’t feel like adding to the dread of weekdays’ mornings by waking up 2 hours earlier so that we can go on a run. In fact, most runners prefer evening runs than morning runs.

You’re a Sportsperson

Yup, tell people that you’re a runner, and suddenly you find your names on all the school and work sports competition participants’ list. From fussball to figure skating, you’re expected to excel because, you know, you run every day and that makes perfect sense.

You’re Fast

People are unwilling to run with you once they know that you’re a runner. Counterintuitive much? But some may feel like they may not be able to keep up or that they will slow you down, all of which are legit concerns. But, save for a few who are training for the Olympics with a rigid, down-to-the-minute training routine, most of us are more than happy to chill a bit and run with non-runner friends.

You’re Supposed to Have a “Runner’s Body”

“You don’t look like a runner.” Runners come in all shapes and sizes. We may not have the long and lean bodies a la Kenyan runners or Amazonian models that gloss over the magazines. But, we do have a pair of functioning limbs capable of moving backwards and forward, a pair of lungs, a pair of eyes and one strong, beating heart. We think we’re good to go.

You Have More Running T-Shirts Than Regular Ones

Yes! We may use a couple for washing the car, another for wiping the table and still have enough to wear for one full week without doing the laundry.

You Have a Drawer Full of Medals and Bibs

And we have absolutely no idea what to do with them too. Thoughts?

You’re an Expert With Directions

“You know the small hawker centre opposite the park, just 500 m from the AYE?”, “The one near the MRT station, a walking distance from the long overhead bridge?”

*Give blank face*

“I thought you run around there every day?”

Friend, meet our running buddy, it’s called google maps. Okay, to be fair, some runners may truly be an expert in direction, but many of us tend to run on the same route or daze too deep into the runner’s zone to know which side of Singapore we’re facing.

You’re a Health Enthusiast

The bewildered stare you get when you order an upsize double McSpicy and McFlurry for dessert. We may be runners, but most of us may not be able to find a single chia seed or acai berry in our home even if our lives depend on it. Health enthusiasts and runners, they are not always one and the same.

You’re a Good Person to Consult About Their Sore Legs, Lower Back, Pulled Tendons

Just because you show them once where your IT band is, and you know how to spell plantar fasciitis. When we think about it, if we really are experts, we wouldn’t get injured all that often. The best we can do to help such friends in need is to drive them to our trusted massage therapist.

You’ve Run Marathon(s)

Errrr, does a movie marathon count? Not all runners are marathoners. Some of us run 15 km and start thinking about early retirement. Marathoners are in a class of their own, but recreational runners who run shorter distance at lower pace are no less of a runner than the marathoner.

You Don’t Have a Life

We may be a culprit in perpetuating this impression more than we care to admit. Think of all the times we decide to go home instead of joining the happy hour crowd because we have to wake up at 6 am for training. Not to mention the times we need to rearrange vacation with family or friends so that it doesn’t clash with the race we have signed up for.

You’re Fitness Crazy

You have a special section in your cupboard for the mats and foam rollers; you have a journal or app to track your record and progress; and "eat, sleep, gym, stretch, run, repeat" sound all too familiar. Check, check and check

Or You’re Just Plain Crazy

We spend a lot of money to run, enter a race and then train like there’s no tomorrow come haze or rain. What do we get after the race? Torn muscles, swollen tendons and a medal we don’t know what to do with (the running pack is normally pretty awesome, so no complaint there). After months of painful recovery, we happily do it all over again. Crazy sounds about right.

“Marathoners are in a class of their own, but recreational runners who run shorter distance at lower pace are no less of a runner than the marathoner.”


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