15 Awesome Running Mantras for Long Runs

Talking to yourself during runs? Not to worry. We talk to ourselves all the time, especially so in gruelling marathons. However, it's what you choose to say to yourself that makes all the difference.  

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Since running is 90% mental, let us delve into the world of positive self-talk and discover powerful running mantras that spur superior running performance.  Who knows? You could just find that mantra you need to keep that fire burning and your legs going for the finish line. 

The First Half of the Run

1. You've got plenty of time. 

This reminds you not to start off hastily and keep to the correct pace. Don't worry about the time, just kick back and focus on getting into the momentum. It's still a long way to go.

2. This is easy. 

You're in top form, and the race was just getting started. It's the easiest part of the race, so why not enjoy that while it lasts?

3. Let's overtake that person in front. 

For competitive individuals, this is often a great motivator to get your legs moving faster than that person in front, in the spirit of good competition.

4. I am the wind. I am strong, light and fast. - Ana

Going metaphoric and identifying yourself with an element of speed helps to build a runner's high. What do you want to be?

5. Just like practice.

Keeping to that familiar practice pace creates a comfort zone in which you perform best. It provides that air of calm you need for that initial first half of the run.

The Last Half of the Run

6. Halfway there!

Best spoken in the amazing voice of Bon Jovi, this is definitely what gives you the strength to carry on. After all, you're already halfway there, right?

7. Stop now, and you will never start running again.

Most runners would know this to be true. Once you stop, it can be tough to begin running again for both mental and physical reasons. Sometimes, stopping is more painful than continuing.

8. Just do it!

You can't go wrong chanting this quote first made famous by Nike. What's your excuse?

9. I don't stop when I'm tired. I stop when I'm done.

So what if you feel tired? You're not done with the race until you reach the finish line. Keep going!

10. No Pain, No Gain.

All of the achievements in your life has always come with a degree of pain and effort needed to achieve them. Just like this run. No Pain, No Gain.

The Final Kilometre (Or Two)

11. What shall I eat?

Believe it or not, this amazing mantra might just get you to run a little faster so that you can finally enjoy whatever it is you are salivating about, right now.

12. Just...one...more...km!

There's an additional 500 metres to go after that, but who cares? Whatever keeps you going will do!

13. This is awesome. 

The sentence that really gets you through. Enjoy this last lap. You've come a long way since the starting line and you earned it.

14. I was strong enough to get this far. I am strong enough to keep going.

Because past evidence works. What's another kilometre when you've already come this far?

15. It's all in the mind.

Without a doubt, this is my favourite mantra of all, supported by research as well. Your legs can only take you as far as your mind wills it to.

It's what you choose to say to yourself that makes all the difference.


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