10 Ways to Save Money on Running

It seems like there is always a new way to get us to part with our hard-earned money each day. Even running, a supposedly free way to exercise, has come up with trendy and exciting events like the hundreds of thousands of marathons around the globe that we can’t help but pay for.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending on things you enjoy doing, especially if it also comes with an extensive list of health benefits. However, the objective of this article is to ensure that every cent spent on running is worthwhile. After all, how else can you brag to staunch advocates of the ‘Exercise should be free’ camp? Here are ten ways to maximise your dollar.

Check the Cheque

Whenever you register for a marathon online, you will most likely be charged a processing fee. This is because online registration companies are contracted to manage this process. The easiest way to cut cost without even putting in effort, therefore, is to send your payment by mailing your cheque.

Surprisingly, not many people actually do this, because the money saved can sometimes be merely nominal. However, the truly thrifty understand how far little savings can go, especially if one is an avid marathon-goer.  

Be an Early Bird

Most marathons offer early bird discounts and other attractive promotions to entice people into signing up right from the get-go. In the middle of the sign-up period, you may read, headlined in bold, the words, “10,000 people have already signed up!” Translated: 10,000 early birds.

More often than not, you do not want to miss out on these specials, as savings are quite substantial, and you may even receive other goodies like limited-edition items, so keep your eyes peeled!


Marathons like the CompresSport Run offer add-on packages along with the booking fee that includes – depending on which package you choose — premium exercise gear at a fraction of its retail value. As this actually prompts you to spend even more money, we would only recommend this to runners who are actually in need of these items and find the retail price too steep, as is the case for many brands.

A la Carte

Contrastingly, if you are someone who runs without frills, then pay attention to marathons that let you choose individual items that usually come with the full runner’s pack. This lets you save up on items you can do without. Are you someone who doesn’t care for the medal or the event shirt/singlet? Then this tip is for you.


Discount Codes

More often than not, marathons come with flashy websites and social media pages to spread the hype. Amidst the sea of overly enthusiastic promotional videos and social postings, there may also be a discount code or two tucked away from site skimmers. Running expos are also another good way to find these sneaky codes, and if you already have your eyes set on the next edition of the marathon, don’t forget to look inside your runner’s pack; the pieces of paper inside that you would normally throw away may well contain a hidden treasure.

Need vs. Want

Many of us fall victim to a competitive society where one is compelled to buy the latest and trendiest items to sit at the top of the social totem pole. This applies to running apparel that we often find ourselves gazing at. Hang on, snap out of it! As we already spend a hefty amount on a number of marathons annually, perhaps it would be wise to question our motives before opening that wallet again. Is there really a need to spend $300 on a brand new pair of running shoes when the one you already have works just fine? Can we do without a whole range of new paraphernalia? More often than not, we know better. 


Know anyone around the vicinity that is also participating in the same marathon? If so, you have an excellent opportunity to cut cost, especially if the race is in the wee hours of the morning when public transport is unavailable. The magic of splitting a taxi fare amongst 2, 3, or even 4 people is well documented, so give a shout-out on the event page if you must, but this is one of the best ways you can save money.


There will be a time when volunteers are scarce, and running organisers will resort to extra incentives to recruit all the helping hands they need. These incentives can sometimes come in the form of free race entries. Potentially, one can volunteer at the registration table before the race and still be able to participate after. And, if your organiser is feeling extra generous, you may even have the same runner’s pack as other participants. Again, chances are completely random and dependent on each individual organiser, so keep be alert for superb deals that may come your way.

External Promotions

Platforms like LIV3LY’s come with several cost-cutting features in place, such as exclusive discounts and free marathon tickets for members. You are also able to stay connected with a community of equally dedicated runners, so possibilities like free training groups and pro tips are in abundance. For more information about the perks of being a member, do click on the link above.

Be a Free Runner

If all else fails, well, then don’t even sign up for races, period. In a world where fat-filled fast food is far cheaper than health food, it seems like an upside-down philosophy is being subscribed to, where one pays more to stay healthy.

Yet, running without all the fanfare has its own perks, and one can still feel the immense satisfaction from traversing across a quiet strip of pavement in the evening, senses blended into your surroundings, without a care in the world – just you, your feet, and your rhythmic breathing echoing into the distance.

"It seems like an upside-down philosophy is being subscribed to, where one pays more to stay healthy."


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