10 Types of Marathon Runners

Have you ever, in the middle of a marathon, look around you, spot a fellow competitor and notice that his habits and/or gear are strangely familiar and relatable? As it turns out, runners can also be categorised into different types.

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After all, a marathon is where thousands of people from all walks of life congregate. Here are 10 types of marathon runners. See if you can find a description that best suits you!

The Ultramarathoner

Running a marathon is practically his cool-down routine. This marathoner is a globetrotter, traversing the length of the world with just his two feet, with a whole slew of accolades to his name. You will see him - or rather you won't, because he will already be nearing the finish line by the time you've completed your first 5k.

The Seasoned Veteran

Much like the ultramarathoner, but not as hard-core. This guy has been to many local events, along with a few regional ones. He knows his pacing like the back of his hand, and smoothly conquers yet another race with his eyes already set on the upcoming marathons on his list. He usually crosses the finish line shortly after the ultramarathoners, knowing that he will be in their shoes one day.

The Superheroes

These marathoners are usually relatively fit and run together in groups decked in superhero or other quirky characters' costumes. They have a great time together and bring life and character to an otherwise tedious event.

The 100-gear Marathoner

You will be able to spot him anywhere. He wears all the latest gear - toed shoes, compression tights, runner's backpack, Oakley shades, or even an Apple watch. Looks like someone about to scale the heights of Mount Everest, but is only running along Marina Boulevard under the sweltering Singaporean summer.

Barefoot Bob

The polar opposite of the geared up boys, he runs with minimal items on him, sometimes even without shoes. In fact, chances are you won't even find a phone on him. He is the ultimate no-frills marathoner, with nothing but himself and his trusty legs to rely on.

The Quarter Mile Marathoner

Usually a first-timer, or just someone who never learns. The quarter mile marathoner can be seen racing off at the sound of the starting gun, relying on the adrenaline from beating runner after runner. This, unfortunately, doesn't last. And as the name suggests, he will tire out and be forced to slow jog through the rest of the race with what's left in his tank. Pacing, sir, pacing.

The 11th Hour Marathoner

While the quarter mile marathoners use up almost all that they have at the start, the 11th hour marathoners conserve every ounce of energy they have for the majority of the race, only to gradually speed up during the later stages. They can usually be seen running with all their might towards the finish line while others stare on in bewilderment.

"After all, a marathon is where thousands of people from all walks of life congregate."

The Latecomers

These marathoners sleep through their alarms and fuelled by panic, race to catch up with the rest of the runners. You will know this especially when you're at the back of the pack and you see a handful of runners coming seemingly out of nowhere, frantically searching for their most desired positions up front.

The Morning Stroll Marathoners

Apparently, a marathon can be an event to socialise, too. These marathoners are content with being at the back, slow jogging while talking about anything under the sun. Not particularly concerned with results, they prefer to soak in the sights, taking dozens of selfies beside landmarks and milestones along the way.

The Regular Joe

Perhaps he's new to the marathon world and wants to participate to improve his fitness, to strike off a bucket list item, or as a personal challenge. He trains beforehand but is still unsure if he can complete the marathon, let alone within a respectable timeframe. Perhaps he will falter along the way, with exhaustion creeping up on him. But when the Regular Joe crosses the finish line, he experiences immense satisfaction for achieving what he has set out to do.


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